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While trying to look for solutions to major issues I came across the subject called 'Permaculture'

Permaculture is the amalgamation of 2 words (Permanent + Agriculture or Permanent + Culture )The term was coined by David Holmgren and Bill Mollison in 1978.

It is a design system to create sustainable human habitats. This subject deals with a lot of elements such as humans, plants, animals, buildings, water, energy, soil, communication, invisible systems, economics, etc. Along with looking at each of these elements, it also focuses on the connections and relationships between each of these elements.

Permaculture looks at nature to provide solutions to the problems that we face and believes that waste and pollution are indicators of a dysfunctional system. Since in nature there is no waste. Everything is a resource.

Waste and pollution are indicators of a dysfunctional system

Everything that surrounds us can be divided into four major components.

Social components which include people, cultures, economics, legal structures.

Site components which include water, land, climate, plants.

Energy components which include technologies, connections, structures, sources.

and Abstract components which include ethics, time and data.

Integration and co-operation between then can lead to harmony. However if all of the components are not considered it could lead to disaster and chaos.

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