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28 Posti

This project was done under the guidance of Marti Guixe in partnership with the restaurant 28posti to design an object around food.

the brief

The goal of the project was to design an object around food which would be used for the dinner service at 28posti during the design week. The product would also have to communicate the believes of the restaurant subtly.


the space

28posti is a contemporary mediterranean restaurant in the famous navigli neighbourhood of Milan. The restauarant is known for its social and sustainable approach. The interiors of the restaurant, where the product would finally be placed, are decorated in subtle colours along with a certain rough quality to it.


the concept

We focused on the restaurant’s idealogy of picking the humble mediterranean produce and elevating it to a luxurious level. We focused on the process that this food follows from farm to table and ideated on an object which could communicate this without shouting too loud.


the product

The object we designed was a ceramic ware used to serve grissini (a typical italian crispy bread stick) along with the meal. The form of the product strongly depicted a cooking stage in the process of making a grissini.

the message

The product would be used to subtly convey the various intangible elements which go into the food process. This message would be engraved on the side of the product as depicted here.


nature - time - effort - culture - respect - creation - you

product scale

The product would be 175 cms in length and would sit right next to your meal. It would be small enough to not take up too much space yet bold enough to grab attention.

product scale.jpg
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