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Application for a sushi restaurant

As a UX designer, I understand the crucial role that UI plays in a project. Every UX decision must be reflected in the design of the user interface. To further develop my skills in UX/UI design, I enrolled in the Google Professional Certificate program.


This work-in-progress project is part of the first three courses in the program. The brief provided to me for this project was to create an app for a sushi restaurant. I conducted research, developed insights and designed the restaurant to solve the user problems. I have worked on the information architecture, wireframes, and a low-fidelity prototype so far. As I continue to make progress in the program, I will update this project accordingly.

Coursera certificate.png
User research

I conducted interviews of people from the target audience along with sample profiles provided as a part of the course to identify the pain points and needs.




Understanding the menu

and ordering correctly

Streamlined experience with

an easy-to-use digital menu

Trying new food and customizing the order

Better table booking and

group ordering process


Based on the insights, I designed a new restaurant to better meet the needs of the customers.


Big Fish Sushi Pub is an upcoming restaurant chain with locations in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore. It strives to provide a casual and lively atmosphere for young professionals and youth, where they can enjoy a wide variety of authentic Japanese food and beverages with a focus on quality sushi. It focuses on providing a casual, social atmosphere and a wide variety of small plates and drinks. 


It offers both dine-in and delivery services and aims to create a cultural exchange experience with some unique grill tables with cooking-at-the-table feature where an assigned chef guides you through the experience. It hosts a variety of events and promotions that appeal to their audience, such as happy hours, trivia nights, and live music, where guests can enjoy great food and socialize. They strive to bring the traditional izakaya experience with a modern touch, with a focus on sourcing high-quality ingredients, offering a wide selection of cocktails, craft beers, and sake, along with traditional Japanese drinks like shochu and umeshu.

Frame 1Sushi(2).png

I dove into the detailing phase by creating the information architecture and user flows, followed by paper mockups for testing. Based on the feedback, I designed a low-fidelity prototype to bring the restaurant app to life.


informaton architecture.png


miro user flow_page-0001.jpg




Dine-in table booking flow

Online food ordering flow

User testing of the low fidelity prototype is in progress.

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