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Food Systems Game Changers Lab FSGCL

In May 2021, I was selected through a worldwide open call to join the Food Systems Game Changers Lab. The Solutions Accelerator Programme is a space for diverse leaders and initiatives to come together to uncover shared challenges and galvanize around a shared vision for the future.


The Cohort

I was chosen to be a part of Cohort 18 - Building resilient local food systems. Our team was a worldwide network of food actors from all over the world. We worked under the guidance of Ivani Pauli to analyse the challenge that our local food systems around the world face, to ideate solutions and to present our ideas to the world.

The Process

The Cohort met online in bi-weekly sessions and we used the online white board software miro to work together.

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Cohort 18(1)-25.jpg
Cohort 18(1)-13.jpg
Cohort 18(1)-18.jpg
Refood network .png

-the solution-

The ReFood Network

We proposed to create a ReFood Center of Excellence (RCE) - a self-governing, international body providing education, funding, technology, and resources - to support the bottom-up formation of local Biodistricts and a resilient global network.


Biodistricts are alliances of local food systems actors who agree to adopt regenerative agriculture practices to fulfill economic, environmental, and sociocultural aims and who collaborate to enhance production, nutrition, jobs, and wellbeing for people and the planet.

The illustration demonstrates how biodistricts at different level of experiences (seed stage to fully functional stage) from around the world will collaboratively work together to achieve common goals.

Action Agenda

In this report you will find 24 bespoke Action Agendas co-developed by over 850 game changers from 127 countries as part of the 12-week Solutions Accelerator Program. In addition, you can read more about the program’s motivation, and post-program support options to further support scaling these collective food systems solutions.

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