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Children's Growing Kit

This project was a trial run for the FRUI business model.

I worked in collaboration with Active Hands - a company which makes hobby kits for children in order to design a kit which will teach them to grow their own food.

Introducing children to the skill of growing at a young age would ensure a lasting impression on their minds.

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growing kit ideation.jpg

The project began with ideation in order to reach an idea which would be an ideal collaborative project for FRUI and Active Hands.

This process led us to the idea of a easy to use growing kit


After ideation and discussions a basic idea of the final contents of the kit was ready.

These contents would be essential for a child to learn how to grow their food.

growing container
user manual
seed tag
watering container
growing medium
Final Contents
Content Detailing

Growing container


This would be the main component of the kit and hence was looked into first.

Jute was the chosen material for the container since it is biodegradable and light-weight.


The container would also be designed to be the packaging of the product and patterns were explored to fit these needs.

The ideal pattern was chosen and taken forward

The chosen pattern not just ensured that the container would be used as a packaging but it also ensured good manufacturing practices.

The completely repeatable cut pattern of the container ensured that there would be no waste even at the manufacturing stage.

news paper wrapped2.jpg

Growing Medium


A mixture of cocopeat and compost was decided as an ideal growing medium and ways to package it were explored.

A brown paper bag with jute thread and stamp on names ensured ease of production as well as biodegradability.


Instruction Manual

The instruction manual would be a key to instilling excitement and curiosity into the child. It would have to be colourful and easy to understand for them.

Active Hand being a single person enterprise, the manual had to be easy to manufacture

The zine pattern which involves a single A4 sheet folded and cut into a booklet was narrowed down upon as the ideal production technique.

First page indicating the plant to be grown and the possible months to grow it in.


Colourful and illustrated steps for children to understand easily.


Feedback loop in the form of a calendar which helps children keep track of the growth

Final Growing Kit

A thread keeps the kit sealed for ease of transport. Pulling at the bead at the end of the thread opens the entire kit with one sweep action.

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