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To develop a food service focused on doing good for the planet. Conduct primary and secondary research to design the service model and the touchpoints of the service.

initial research

The research phase consisted of both primary and secondary reasrch. The primary research included individual interviews and online surverys. The ways in which people deal with waste throughtout the process was observed.


Based on the research, 4 main personas were developed.

waste perception

The different types of waste generated throughout the food system were noticed and on further investigation it was noted that the realization of this waste happens only at the last disposal state however the waste occurs throughout the system.

Problem statement

How might we guide our users to avoid waste throughout the food system while allowing them to have a healthy lifestyle?

our concept
Vyoma Haldipur SPD Portfolio.jpg

We developed a service which would guide and help consumers prevent waste by guiding the user thoroughout the system.

Vyoma Haldipur SPD Portfolio2.jpg

The Eat-up service would have two main touchpoints, the application which would be a constant guide and the supermarket partners which would be a key factor in data analysis and consumer experience.

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