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Food Futures Collaboration Kit

In order to bring about changes in the way we as a society currently deal with food, we would have to come together and believe in a common food future. This is where the Food Futures Collaboration Kit comes in handy.

The conception of this kit began with a sample set of cards with various stakeholders and elements of the food system.


This initial set of cards along with a 2 hour workshop helped in understanding the possible impact of the kit. The workshop was designed to first introduce the participants with issues of the food system and subsequently to ideate on the solutions together.

The trial workshops played an important role in determining what works and what does not.

The final workshop was designed by taking the outcomes of the trial workshops into consideration. The final workshop involved the following stages carried out with the help of the cards.

Introduction to the current food system

Discussion of possible scenarios

Brainstorming on the ideal future

Choosing solutions together


The kit allows the participants to be completely involved in the process. Involvement generates a sense of responsibility among the participants which would ensure that the intervention would be left in good hands. It also ensures that every person working on the project would be on a common ground about their expectations of the Food Future.

The final kit includes 4 types of cards. They are printed in different colours to make it easy to identify them.

Food Futures Collaboration Kit

Stage Cards
The kit includes 4 stage cards. 1 for each step in the workshop. These cards make it easy to explain the step to the participants.


Yellow Cards
These cards are used to sensitize the participants of the possibility of multiple food futures. Each card has a scenario of a meal time in a completely different future. These cards make the participants imagine what it would be like to live in such futures.


Orange Cards
These cards are used in the first step of the workshop. They are used to make the participants familiar with the current food system, problems in the system, stakeholders of the system, goals, etc.


Blue Cards
These cards are used in the final stage of the workshop. They are intervention cards used to select the kind of collaborative outcome that the participating organizations would work on together.

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