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an Urban-Food Ecology Business Model

The systems project which started out as a research project on the system of permaculture led to a business model for a better urban-food future.

You can check out the original research which led to this business model here.

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Frui is an intervention into the city to solve the disturbed relationship between the city dwellers and their food, thus improving their relationship with nature. City dwellers are unaware of the problems that are faced by our current food system. They are also completely unaware of the scary future that our own actions are leading us to.

Frui being a design led enterprise, works in the domains of products, services and systems. Solutions provided by Frui span over a vast variety such as products on sale, open source solutions, courses, workshops, consulting, awareness programmes, volunteering opportunities and community building activities. Frui helps people make the necessary change for a better future. Currently working through collaborative projects to help other organizations work towards a better food future, Frui would like to expand to movable spaces and lab spaces for people to have more access to food system solutions.

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Frui is a design enterprise which helps you move towards a sustainable and healthy food future. It makes efforts to help city dwellers become more aware of the food they eat and help them grow and cook their own food. It also leads to ‘greening’ of the dull cemented urban areas.Healthy and happy people living in a healthier and happier environment is Frui’s mission.

In order to solve a wicked problem, a single solution is never enough. Frui understands that a single enterprise struggling towards a better future will not go too far and thus works in collaboration with existing enterprises.


There are a lot of businesses and people who hope to live better but do not have access to the right knowledge, techniques or infrastructure. Frui provides these and builds the knowledge bridges for people to start making changes in their lives.

At Frui, we understand that design is not just tangible, hence we work in multiple domains of products, services and systems to choose the appropriate solutions for the problems faced by the community.


This lets us create a large pool of solutions which together will lead us to a significant impact.

In the coming future, we hope to be able to translate these principles into physical community spaces in the city where people can come together and learn, share and start taking steps towards a better lifestyle. These spaces could be used for growing food, learning to cook, sharing recipes or simply to bask in some positive energy.


We also hope to expand to movable spaces which could reach people who cannot reach us. This movable space could act like a nursery on wheels, or a shop or even a pop-up diner.


Let us create a food system which nourishes not just our body but also the planet.

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