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PA was the outcome of a group project under the guidance of Marti Guixe and Andrea Malfredi in February 2020

the brief

To create a shop which reflects the worth of bread while keeping in mind the philosophy of the Grani Futuri.

our name



'drink' and 'nourish'

Pa means life and it represents bread

'pa' : the first two letters for the word bread in many languages, pan, pane, pao

our concept

To showcase the art of bread-making through all the parts and processes that go in to making great breads


Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash

logo 4.jpg
logo 3.png

our identity

Good quality flour, water and yeast are essential to make a good quality bread and we chose to highlight the importance of these ingredients in our logo.

the space

There are 4 main highlight areas of the space. They are:

- A restaurant with an open kitchen
- A shop with quality ingredients, mills and books
- A community oven area
- A small exhibition of bread centered art
floor plan 3.jpg

material moodboard

The space would be comprised of natural, earthy and subdued materials to let the bread be highlighted as the hero of the space.

material - 1.jpg
material - 3.jpg
material - 5.png
material - 2.jpg
material - 4.jpg

Black tiles for the bar and restaurant area

Earthy exposed bricks to set the earthy mood

Copper as the highlight material to emphasize on the high quality of bread

Translucent glass to allow maximum natural light while keeping distractions away

Dark flooring to give a rich and bold effect

graphics 1.jpg
graphics 2.jpg
graphics 3.png


The earthy but rich mood was extended into the objects in the space.

PA - entrance.jpg
Bread+Art Exhibition
PA - entrance exhibition.jpg
Shopping area
PA - shop.jpg
Community area
PA - community area collage.jpg
Bar area
PA - bar collage.jpg
Restaurant area
PA - restaurant collage.jpg


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