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Peeling Hungry?

This project was developed as a result of a workshop with Fabio Parasecoli and Matheosz Halawa in January 2020.

the snack

‘Peeling hungry?’ Is a healthy and sustainable snack made with peels of fruits of vegetables. Flavoured with local native ingredients, this sustainable snack is made fresh at the nearest cloud kitchen and made available to you at our partner stores and cafes. Our flavour options are named according to post snacking emotions which make it easier for you to choose your snack.


the sustainability statement

‘Peeling hungry?’ Is sustainable because we source our peels from local farms using natural growing methods. This means that your food has no unwanted chemicals or additives, just pure nourishment. Peels are not just the yummiest part of fruits and vegetables, but also the healthiest. The snack reaches you within hours of the produce being used ensuring taste and health. Packed in biodegradable plastic, this snack comes with a QR code for you to track the peels from source to snack ensuring absolute transparency in the system.


Marketing story

• Peeling hungry? We are now in India providing you with tasty and   healthy options at a partner store or café nearest to you.

• Taking the most delicious and nutrition packed parts of the produce, the peels, we transform them into delectable goods ready for you to snack on.

• Our local daily flavour options like ‘peel refreshed’, ‘peel awake’, ‘peel uplifted’ help you choose your snack easily. Now your hungry belly won’t suffer silently while you decide what to eat!

• ‘Peeling Hungry?’ is good both for your body and the planet. So snack on one and peel the satisfaction.


Peeling hungry mockup.jpg
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