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Possessed by Possessions

A systems study of consumerism

In this fast paced world, we have lost track of what we really need and don’t think twice about our actions. We have become a part of the use and throw culture. We keep getting influenced by new products, improved versions, updates and never ending trends, thus falling prey to consumerism.

Me along with my teammates explored the current scenario of consumerism and tried to find solutions to the problems.

Understanding Clutter

We have clutter all around us but we hardly notice it anymore. During our research phase we made people click photos of their own clutter to make them aware of the products that they were overlooking.

Shopping Experiment

An experimental setup which made people buy things for their ideal home brought people face to face with the reality of their shopping habits. Arranging their shopping list into needs, wants and desires made the shoppers realize that they consume much more than what they could do with.

Data Mapping

These experiments and the secondary research helped us map out the current system and to find connections and problems in it.

Data visualization

The collected data was then visualized along with possible solutions.

Visualizations in the form of a Gigamap help in communicating the system very easily and effectively to any audience. It also plays an important role in striking up a conversation about the existing problems and in inspiring change.

Click on the map to zoom in

Possessed by possession master Finalest
The Shift

One of the solutions visualized in the Gigamap was implemented to see the response and the effect of this idea.

We set up a pop up shop with several activities which could create awareness, encourage the act of sharing and lead to skill building for visitors to tackle the problem of consumerism.

The shift popup.jpg

Stations where visitors could learn the art of reusing and upcycling were set up.


Games which people could play and learn about the problems at the same time were designed

Thought provoking exhibitions were set up.

Research Report

The entire process of this project, the research and the outcomes were documented in the form of this booklet.

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