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Ethics of Permaculture

The ethics of permaculture are the principles that govern every action taken or every idea proposed by a permaculturist. These ethics are moral stands that are agreed upon by the field of permaculture.

There are 3 ethics, which are:


Earth Care

Permaculturists always look at the earth as their first client. They look at earth as a living entity. Efforts are made through permaculture to 'heal the earth' and to avoid any further damage.


People Care

Change begins from ourselves. Humans is the species that is causing major changes in the world and hence change will not occur till humans are satisfied with it. We are humans need to collaborate with other elements on the planet to work towards a better future.


Fair Share

Permaculture tries to create abundance so that one can provide for themselves while also being able to share with others. The word 'appropriate' is given importance since it leads to us being suitable for the situation and not going overboard with our demands.

Another way of looking at this ethic is the fact that every element is interconnected and deserves to get equal share. If even one element gets less importance than the others then there is an imbalance as the chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

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