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Seva Cafe

In a day and age where everyone seems to be moving on the fast lane, there is no time to value the little experiences of life. It was pleasing to know that there still exists places which look into the whole experience of sharing happiness, and what better way than over food.

We visited Seva cafe which is located in Ahmedabad,India. It was started as an initiative with the belief that the Guest is God, a deep and ancient Indian view that honors each guest with reverence. The cafe has 8 tables and can seat about 25 people at a time. They are named smile, peace, prayer, love, joy, truth, unity and compassion. Everything is cooked and served with love by volunteers. Anyone and everyone could come by and volunteer with prior signing up. There is no worry about bills at the cafe because your bill is already paid by someone before you. All costs and income are made transparent and any profits are used to support social service projects.

Seva cafe provides an opportunity for everyone to open up, perform in front of a welcoming audience. At Seva Cafe you can enjoy the moment with your family and friends instead of being engrossed in your phone.

(Originally written for the systems thinking project blog on October 25, 2017)

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