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Mega Mind

Turning children into curious learners

Mega Mind was a project done under the S.T.E.A.M School programme with 4 other innovative teammates. It is an effort at instilling curiosity in children.


Bonjour India is a partnership between India and France to come together and innovate and work towards a progressive and sustainable future


S.T.E.A.M School is an experimental learning programme which brought together 100 people from all over the world to innovate and work towards projects based on the UN SDGs.


You can learn more about the programme via this documentary.

As a part of the programme we were divided into groups of 5 and chose SDGs to work on.

My group picked Quality Education.


Mega Mind

Curiosity Truck


A curious child learns things fast and easily. Curiosity is an important aspect of education which is getting neglected in the current Education system.

Having the Mega mind pop-up on a truck allows it to move around and help many more children than a stationary solution.


The sight of an exciting truck stationed at school would in itself make the children curious.


Students would be encouraged by their teachers to go in and explore the Mega Mind Truck.


Mega mind would introduce the children to several installations, puzzles, games etc which would help spark the curiosity of the children.


The school would provide for a board on which the children can note down any extra questions and a Mega Mind Volunteer or a teacher would answer it.


The questions being solved in an open accessible-to-all space would help any child with the same questions to get the answers.


The Mega Mind Truck would have a different theme every time it visits a school. This would ensure that children would keep coming and leave with more and more questions.


While leaving the truck the children would get a souvenir to keep with themselves. This sourvenir would include additional puzzles, stories, etc to keeo the spark of curiosity alive even after the child has left the truck.


The souvenir would allow the child to start conversations with their teachers and parents and get any further questions answered.


The more questions the children asks, the faster they would learn.


Parents or teachers could download the Mega Mind app to keep a track of the location and theme of the truck.


The truck could also be summoned to a specific location with the help of the app.


Mega Mind aims to make every child a curious learner.

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