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Becoming a Permie

The subject of Permaculture had caught my attention and I had an urge to deep dive into it to learn more. That is when I came across the PDC which is a Permaculture Design Certificate course. It is a 72 hour course which is internationally certified and gives you an understanding of the basics of permaculture.

I did my PDC along with 35 other amazing fellows at Aranya Agricultural Alternatives in Hyderabad under the guidance of prof. Rico Zook and Mr. Narasanna Koppula. We stayed at their 20 year old permaculture farm for a period of 12 days and ate food which was produced and cooked at the farm itself.

PDC being taught by Rico Zook and Narsanna Koppula

We would start our day waking up at 6am every morning and learning new things till the time we went to sleep again. The experience was completely different and it left me wanting to go back again and again.

I will be sharing some of my learning at the PDC in the coming months.

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