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My tryst with food

Food had always been one of those things which has a great impact on me. I make sure I always have the local dishes at the places that I travel and I personally enjoy cooking too. However, having lived in the city all my life I have no connection to the origin of the food that reaches my plate.

I remember having sown pulses in a little jar when I was a five year old kid. I remember plucking them and handing them to my mom to cook them for me. I remember that feeling of growing something on my own yet somehow over the course of the years I never managed to do that again and that could be the reason which led me to starting this project.

Last year, for an elective course at college I decided to opt for a course on food which opened my eyes up to the various realities that we rarely pay attention to. Food is something that we interact with at least thrice on a daily basis and yet we are not truly connected to it.

Through this blog I aim to synthesize my learning and experience working as a designer in the field of food and nature.

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